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He does plumbing AND legos!

The Plumber's Crack

We all grow to maturity in the shadow of something.  Whether it be a specific event or person, it defines our young environment, our education, even, to some extent, our “status” in the world.

I grew up in the shadow of the Dead Men.  Their mark was everywhere I worked.  And they left huge shoes to fill.  I realized this when I became involved in my first business venture.  It would be akin to DaVinci’s apprentice getting hired for his first independent job.  After doing his best work ever, the customer, while immensely satisfied, would still remark how, yes, the work is excellent, but, well, the master IS the master…

Yeah, I heard it more than a few times.

My father was something of a “DaVinci” in my field.  He was known and respected throughout the NYC area as a man who cared about the quality of his work.

Me?  Well, I was “Al’s son”.  Everywhere…

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