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  • Jill Sim says:

    Hi, I know this comment is a few years late, but I was looking at Dick Andros’ memorial page, and stumbled on your blog entry about our former ballet teacher. I wanted to tell you you captured his class (as well as young girl ballet hopes) perfectly, and that you write extremely well. I was Andros’ student from 1977-1989 (on and off). He too told me I wouldn’t be a professional ballerina, because, as he put it, describing my statuesque 5’10” frame: “The lads would never be able to lift you, dear.” Growing up, I lived around the corner from him, so saw him frequently outside of class. I also took class with him over the summer at USDAN camp on Long Island. He was one of the great influences in my life and I am grateful to him, too, that while it hurt at the time, he spared me the agony of pursuing the dance as a career. I now write, too. Terrific piece, and thanks for the memories. Jill Sim (former NYer, former student, NYC School of Dance)

    • Jill! Thank you so much for reading, writing, and for your kind words. He meant so much to me, and I hope he had an inkling of that. I think he did. I can just hear his voice telling you what he did. 🙂 Truly a mensch, but no bullshitter.

      Is it possible we were in classes together? I also attended Usdan for 2 or 3 summers, (probably 1977 and 1978?)and really enjoyed “majoring” in dance. I was at the NYC School of Ballet very likely when you were…up until 1984…

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